11 Best Camping Tents for 4 Persons

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Best Camping Tents for 4 Persons

If you are looking for the best camping tents for 4 persons? Then you have landed the right place. We researched more than 100 tents and cut our list to the top 10 we believe are the most suitable for you to choose from.

Nowadays life is becoming very fast. Everyone is busy with his/her own matters. That’s why sometimes it really needs to go out of the daily routine. Ever and anon we need to break the regular rules and regulations for recreation. Because excitement, enjoyment and recreation are very important for our mental health.

Usually, because of the heavy workload, masses desperately need a break from their daily official routine. When they have a break, people want to go for a family picnic, friends go on Europe trip, go camping as well as hiking also.

If you go camping for several days, you will definitely spend the night outside your sweet home. Therefore, you surely need a tent. The tent is the best option for spending the night while camping. You may have different types of tent according to your budget, number of people and other requirements. So, here we will discuss the best camping tents for 4 persons.

Before buying tents, you need to know some properties that may help you to choose your favorite one according to your budget as well as requirements.

How to Choose the Best Camping Tents for 4 Persons

✔️ Easy To Setup: The most important thing that how much time you need to set up a tent while camping. It will be a disgusting thing if setting up your tent falls you in great trouble. Therefore, check first whether your tent is installation-friendly or not.

✔️ Lightweight: The tent must be lightweight. Because carrying a heavy tent makes you annoying.

✔️ Weather and waterproof: You are going camping or hiking, you will need such kind of tent which is weather as well as waterproof also.

✔️ Mesh Fabric: You can feel the outside’s environment through the mesh screen of the tent. Mosquito, insects can’t touch you due to your stay inside the tent despite you can feel their existence. You may check whether there is any mesh fabric or not.

✔️ Long-lasting: Please, research about the quality of the tent before buying any. A long-lasting tent will be better.

Best Camping Tents for 4 Persons [Our Top Picks]

1. Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent
2. Gazelle T4 Plus Portable Camping Tent
3. Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent 
4. HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent
5. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent [Best 4 Person Backpacking Tent]
6. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent
7. BATTOP 4 Person Tent [Best for Family Camping]
8. Toogh Camping Tent
9. OT QOMOTOP Tents [Best Waterproof 4 Person Tent]
10. HUI LINGYANG 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

11. Coleman Instant Cabin 4 Person Tent

Best Camping Tents

01. Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent

Are you a camping lover? You used to move fishing hiking camping often. Do you need a windproof as well as a waterproof tent? Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter may be what you are looking for. It is a sun-protected shelter, a portable sunshade inside the tent. It can be considered anti ultra violate tent. Mainly orange color.

Its extra luxurious space inside makes you more comfortable. Usually, it is for 4 men tent. Its orange color brings attraction.

This is a very nice little light tent and it is quite easy to carry. However, it is still very solid when it set up and very nice to use it on the beach. There are flaps for the two windows, but there is no standard doorway, so, no flap there.


  • Four pounds of weight which make it lightweight.
  • Designed in the way that setting up easily and folding down in seconds.
  • 40″ of interior height and floor is 150 PE.
  • Flysheet is made of 210T polyester including water safe PU coating. 
  • There are six sand sacks pockets on both sideboards, 4 steel pegs for obsession.
  • A brief description of its outline or frame will be 7.9mm fiberglass shaft, simple set up and collapsing down the framework.
  • The windows tie shut very effectively.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to put
  • Easy to set-up and break-down
  • Strong & Durable
  • It might not hold up to very strong winds.
  • The tent is smaller. It’s fit for only four persons.

This very quick setup and attractive tent make your self-confidence and feel better in your camping.

Hope, your beach camping will be more efficient and comfortable with the Oileus. In addition, we would like to inform you that this user-friendly tent has been achieved already 4.2 stars out of 5 in Amazon.

02. Best 4 Person Car Camping Tent: Gazelle T4 Plus Portable Camping Tent

Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Pop Up Portable Camping Hub Tent is usually for 4 to 8 person camping. This imported tent is portable that easy to set. It provides two colors, green and orange. It has a smaller back door to get out if there is a guest issue in the front phase. The main part can be set up only in two minutes. Isn’t it interesting?

Very simple to set up and quite spacious inside. You’ll love all the different window sections, you can open to get ventilation. The idea of the removable floor is also great.


  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 64 x 10 inches 
  • Shipping Weight: 65.8 pounds 
  • Back door included.
  • Removal floor 
  • Sturdy as well Durable
  • Easy to set
  • Good quality
  • Long-lasting
  • It’s easy to fit a queen size air mattress in the backroom
  • Best 4 person car camping tent
  • It is difficult to fit within the trunk of a sedan.
  • It does not hold winds of 30 mp/h.

If you are an adventurous minded, making camping or hiking with few companions, you may try this out at least for one time as we recommend you. Also, you can see in the Amazon, the customer review is very high, 4.6 stars out of 5.

03. Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent 

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent is made of polyester. There are four colors azure, navy, green and orange. Two doors and windows are superly deigned for enough ventilation. It is very easy to set and roll-up. Its strong poles are made by aluminum provide enough strength to the tent. Mainly family people are choosing it.


  • Very simple to set up. An individual can set up the tent effortlessly and rapidly.    
  • Strong aluminum poles can even high in pressure.
  • Easy to roll up and packing.
  • Two-way zippers are included at the tent door.
  • For ventilation there are two sides of windows can be opened and shut down easily.
  • Easy to install
  • Weather friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Durability is good
  • Lightweight
  • It seems to be small and tiny, shorter than the advertisement.
  • Instructions are sometimes confusing.

Before releasing in the market, professional testing is performed. Though some issues, the product is overall quite good. Amazon customer review is 4.4 out of 5 stars so far.

04. HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent

Are you outdoor enthusiastic? Looking for a tent for getting outdoor excitement! HuiLingYang Outdoor Instant 4-Person Pop Up Dome Tent is very suitable for open-air excursion. The tent is perfect for a small family especially when you are only just 4 persons. 

You may sometimes need privacy. This tent’s DOUBLE DOORS ensure your absolute privacy. These doors are made of high-quality nylon material. There are also two windows attached on both sides.  

The specialty of the tent is its mesh screen. You can enjoy outside moonlight, birds, the environment and other things inside through mesh screen. 

The tent has a storage pocket. You can keep your phone, charger, keys and other small important stuff inside the pocket. 

At night, you need light. The manufacturer keeps in mind that you can be hanging light up.  The tent now comes in three colors as blue, yellow and army green.

If you open the tent’s windows from the outside, these windows will be futile. And if it doesn’t rain in the morning there would be too much condensation inside the shelter, it’s all dusty. The doors within the frame are pointless, because they are not entirely connected to the tent sides. However, they do continue to keep precious floor area, making it difficult to within position an air mattress.

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Waterproof
  • Simple to fold
  • Reflective style
  • Can open firstly and easily
  • Portability is great
  • The window zippers are on the outside of the shelter.
  • In extreme persistent rain the tent will not be used.

You have a very cool designed tent. It’s Folding up during usage has become extremely fast. If you need a tent that you want to install in a stress-free mindset, have this one.

After utilizing or coming from camping, keep the zone interior the tent tidy and organized. Warranty: 1 Year from the date of payment for loss not done to an individual.

05. Best 4 Person Backpacking Tent: TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Do you need a rainproof tent in camping? Congratulations! TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent 1 to 4 Person Backpacking Dome Tent for Camping gives you more space, you will feel the rain and wind as well as mosquitoes through mesh and rainfly. These properties of the tent make you more excited!

The micro-mesh internal tent arrives with a lightweight rainfly that is well suited. You will be kept safe and comfortable by Mountain Ultra Tent. The waterproof rainfly has designed-in vents for optimum airflow which makes you a calm and comfortable sleep at night.

It is lightweight, durable and built with a 360-degree ventilation device for improved convenience for all forms of environment. When it’s time to go home from hiking or camping, the Mountain Ultra Tent is easy to take down. It’s made camping quick.

  • Leak-proof
  • Waterproof
  • The instruction manual is very simple to apply.
  • Light weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best 4 person backpacking tent
  • Best 4 person tent under $200
  • Tiny tent.

Warranty: The coverage is applied only cheerfully to the initial owner and prevents usual wear and tear (e.g., zippers which wear out after prolonged use) or misuse.

06. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

If city life leaves you a little bit frustrated, find a camping getaway to alleviate the tension. You may need a tent while spending at night camping. This is an outdoor tent that is put up automatically and taking down. One person can pack it easily.

Fabric quality is good. It is made of 210D waterproof PU 3000 oxford sheet, waterproof PE tarp at the edges, protective tape on all seams. Its Solid fiberglass poles ensure the length of service existence and reliability of use.

Advanced Hydraulic Pressure System enables you to immediately set up automatically in 1 minute and ideally take less than 2 minutes to take it down, absolutely free you from hard work to put up a conventional camping tent, even a kid can do it efficiently. It’s one of the best camping tents for 4 person in our list.

  • Rainproof
  • Double Door
  • Fabulous design
  • Mesh fabric to made of which allows you to focus on every detail as well as adopting ventilation.
  • Simple and quick to put up with and get the tent down as well.
  • The texture and screens are heavier than this hiking tent.
  • The rain fly can be tented but reversible
  • Stakes in rugged places are very small and problematic
  • One symbol engrave is spread, but it does not influence the execution
  • Not many outside tent area for equipment under the rain cover

If any fabric or structural issue happens, it will not too much trouble contact with the manufacturer support team, to begin with for the fulfilled arrangement.

07. Best for Family Camping: BATTOP 4 Person Tent

BATTOP 4 Season Instant Pop Up Camping Tent has cozy and flexible sleeping space for up to 4 people; it is ideal for hiking and camping tents for small families or groups of men.

The tent’s Two wide D-style doors provide convenient entry and broad mesh window panels allow excellent airflow, vision, and insect and pest protection. It can be tucked into its compact holding bag for quick packing and transportation.

High strength fiberglass frame offers flexibility, and a hooped fly frame provides safety against weather conditions. You have 16 Sqft room is inside after putting a full air mattress in. The tent is in length 98.25inch(250 cm), width 98.25inch(250cm),high 58.95inch(150cm). Roomy for 3 people, which may even accommodate two people which two babies. Ideal for outdoor communities. It is perfect for family outdoor.


  • Quite quick to install.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Good quality
  • The tent has a very slim covering at the rim.

08. Best 4 Person Car Camping Tent: Toogh Camping Tent

Toogh is built to be the perfect tent where anyone can experience backpacking, family camping and other outdoor experience.

This is designed to be comfortable and rugged as well. It is made of non-stretch cloth constructed from polyester including added rip-stop to make the tent durable. It is

The tent is very spacious and the tent may handle 2 adults and a child, very good for a 3 or 4 person family.

The tent is incredibly simple to put up and take down in just 1 minute, just raise the top of the tent and it will be mounted automatically. Click the edge of the pole where the poles have yellow stickers, collapsing the tent immediately

The architecture provides strong ventilation. The tent is the bottom is breathable. After the tent is wetting in the light rainfall, it will take only half an hour to become dry in the sunlight.

  • Ventilated Model
  • Large T-Door
  • Durable
  • Spacious room
  • Foldable
  • One of the best 4 person tent under $200
  • Height is 50″ therefore can not stand a typical adult inside the tent.

The manufacturer is very much concerned about customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with the tent, they will provide a 12-month promise of full risk-free buying satisfaction as well as deliver 24-hour customer support. Please, e-mail the tent company if there will be any issues with this tent. But don’t hang off anymore.

There is Oxford good quality fabric, excellent design and quality of the tent. So, Please choose genuine Toogh to buy.

09. Best Waterproof 4 Person Tent: OT QOMOTOP Tents

Do you need water resistance, rainfly and cabin type tent? There are 5 types of OT QOMOTOP Tents. For instance, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 person interior spacious tent. It provides gate mat, designed to allow ventilation.

Roomy interior with space for 1 queen airbed and other equipment for camping. Compared to standard tents, mesh roof and field ventilation provided even improved airflow, and also assured that no droplets of water condense at night within the tent.

The electrical cable can be conveniently attached, and the port can be fully locked while not in service. It contains poles for the shelter, packing pack, mud pad, equipment pockets, and storage loft. Telescoping poles with an inner tent pre-attached allow the tent to appear in only a few quick measures and within a minute.

This tent is cheap, very comfortable, and simple to mount and takedown. So, you can see this is a perfect tent for any camping.

  • Sturdy & Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Rainproof
  • Quite a simple deployment and packing
  • One of the best waterproof 4 person tent
  • The nylon-like zipper is really inexpensive.
  • The tent had numerous netting and flooring openings. This seems to be from the inner poles which make this tent so easy to set up.

For any technical support, you can e-mail to [email protected] if any problem occurs.
They Provide Room Divider, Delivered Within 3-5 Working Days.

10. HUI LINGYANG 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

Our last tent on the list is Easy Pop Up Tent. It is made of 190T Polyester, inner fabric is B3 Mesh+190T Breathable Polyester and 210D Oxford PU2000 is in-floor material. The packing weight of the tent is 11.5 lbs.

The tent is suitable for 3-4 persons, especially best for a sweet & small family tent. The tent provides you nice Porch in the front. The Center Height of the tent is 57″.

It is equipped with a portable, durable base, quickly set up, or take down the tent in around 60 seconds. So, you can see this is very sturdy as well as lightweight.

It is very well in design and development as you can use for any hiking, casual camping, beach parties, scout trips as well as indoor and open-air recreational events. The door is relatively wide. You can easily fold the tent in only just 30 seconds.

The tents use flexible rainfly on top, weather-resistant materials and sealed seams for insulation to hold out the cold. It will cover you from light, wind and storms.

The tent comes with two built-in safety pockets and a lantern hook to hold things packed and clean. To allow constant airflow, it has one front door and three wide mesh windows at the sides. With these mesh windows, you will feel the outside view including insects and mosquitoes as well.

  • Foldable
  • Quick setup and takedown
  • Weather protection construction
  • Waterproof
  • Difficult to pack

All the wonderful features of this tent push us to add this one in our best camping tents for 4 person list.

11. Coleman Instant Cabin 4 Person Tent

If you are looking for the best 4 person car camping tent, then it’ll be one of the best picks for you.

The dimensions of this tent are, 10 feet long, by 9 feet wide, and 6 feet tall. It’s very comfortable for a full size and a twin-sized air mattress. You can easily set up and takes down very quickly – sets up in less than two minutes with one person.

It takes less than five minutes to get it stuffed into the carrying bag which is very time-saving. It can stay even in heavy rain. Very excellent for car camping with kids.

In the door part, it has two zippers which are a little tough to get open in the dark, early in the morning. It has two windows up front, two large windows on the sides but, there is no window in the back.

Each window has a mesh screen to keep bugs out, and each can be rolled down and secured with the knobs.

These mesh pockets can be used to put cell phones, keys, lighters, emergency supplies, pretty much anything you need small pockets for. The reason they didn’t use the full width for the door, is because they wanted to put a window near to the door as well. So if your camping in the summertime, you are going to get lots of ventilation.


  • Convenient Storage: Included an expandable carrying bag.
  • WeatherTec System: On rainy nights it remains dry.
  • Quick & Easy Setup: It takes less than 2 minutes to set up the tenet for a single person.
  • Dark Room Technology: Blocks 90% of sunlight coming into the tent.
  • The tent is large. You can stand up in it and the floor place and vertical style walls make it feel very big.
  • Easily can set up within 2 – 5 minutes
  • Weatherproof
  • Best 4 person tent under 100$
  • The tent is very heavy

Buying Guide for the Best Camping Tents for 4 Persons


Tent is a temporary shelter that is made up of synthetic cloth, polyester or triple. Which is tied to a rope with a pit or a clay. Different types of tents are used in different types of camping. Which is different.

Dome Tent

It is one of the most popular tents for camping. It is usually a crooked groove. Two or three pillars are used in the dome tent. Looks like a half-circle. The dome protects the tent from rain and wind.

Advantage: If three pillars are used in dome tents, it is very powerful. It can be set up without anyone’s help. Transport is easy because of the weight loss. Easy to use everywhere. Multifaceted and weight loss can be used for camping.

Disadvantage: It is not usable in strong winds or storms. You need to be alert because they have a curved zip-like door.

Dome tent features: It has a rectangular floor and two pillars which are located in the opposite corner. Which looks like a cross sign from above. Which prevents the wind. It can be easily tied without the help of a person. It protects against rain and wind.

Pop up Tents

Pop-up tents are popular these days because of the simple and simple. These tents are designed in a way that can be easily set up and opened without the help of a person. Pop-up tents can accommodate two people inside. It is a very popular tent for camping. It is easy to carry because it is underweight.

Advantages: It’s a tight, lightweight design and perfect. Transport is easy. It can be set up without anyone’s help. The tent is smaller than the other tent and it is easy to set it up in a closed place.

Disadvantage: A little expensive compared to other tents. Less powerful against the strong winds. Inappropriate for camping outside the locality.

Backpacking Tent

It’s great for travelers and lazy people. Because these types of tents can be easily set up. Different types of tents are available, but it is common in all types of tents to end up with a small verandah with its wide section. It is capable of surviving in the strong wind due to the lower shape.

Advantage: Easy to set up due to low complexity. It takes less time to set it up. Easy portable. Heavy rain and strong winds can withstand bad weather.

Disadvantage: Not very versatile. Specially prepared for the camping of the travelers.

Cabin Tent

It looks like a square-shaped hut. It is usually a single-space tent. Its interior sits in separate rooms. They’re good for casual camping.

Advantage: The special feature of the cabin tents is that it has a long entrance. It’s good for groups or families because of its large internal space. Cheaper than other tents.

Disadvantage: These tents are not tolerant of strong winds and bad weather. The cabin tent is heavy and transport is not easy. It is very complex to set up.

Pyramid Tent

It is usually made of triple or synthetic material. Pyramid tents are well known for their general design. And it is formed with the single spine of the center.

Advantage: Easy to set for a simple design. Pyramid tent transportation is easy.

Disadvantage: The pyramid tent is not tied to the ground, but its stability is less stable. It is unsuitable for large groups or families because its internal space is limited.

Hammock Tents

Hammock tents are usually tied to trees. It is an ideal tent for wild animals or places where the soil is not suitable for sleeping. It will protect against the pests or rain by having a roof over it. 

Advantage: Easy to install. This tent protects wild animals. It makes it easier to carry because it’s very small.

Disadvantage: Inappropriate for family or group.

How to Take Care of the Tent

Tent cleaning method

Use foamed soap or shampoo to clean the tent with light or soft cloth. Wash well and let it dry under the fan. It cannot be cleaned with washing machines or dryers. Because its protective shield scan can be lost. Check if the tent is completely dry. And its pillars must be wiped with a soft cloth. The zippers must be washed in soap water and brushed. Save well dry.

The protection of tents from the ultraviolet Sun

The ultraviolet sun is the damage to the fabric of the tent. Synthetic fabrics are mostly damaged due to ultraviolet sash. Nylon or Polyester Fabric is easily unusable due to this ultraviolet sun. The shaded space has to be selected for setting up tents for long use. If you have to set up tents in the sun, use the rainfly to protect it. It will protect the tent from the sun’s ultraviolet sun.

In other cases, do not use shoes inside the tent. Put your shoes in a plastic bag. Use a mouse in front of the tent entrance, which will help keep your tent clean. Do not set up tents in any brick, stone, or uneven place. Flatten the place before setting up the tent. Don’t put any food inside the tent. Or a hungry animal can try to tear up the tent.

5 Mistakes All New Tent Camper Makes!

Five mistakes that people make when they take a tent out into the back country. 

01. Failure To Pitch Before A Tour

Mistake No #1 is not pitching the tent before going out on a trip. If you have got a new tent that you’re super excited about and you do not set it up before you head out into the backcountry, you have made the mistake.

The reason for that is, every tent has its unique quirks and needs to be able to get a correct pitch. Particularly non-freestanding tents that use trekking poles and don’t have a freestanding type of system.

02. Improper Use of Guidelines

Mistake No #2 that people make is incorrectly using guidelines. Guidelines are an important part of a tent and it’s designed. However, they’re not designed to be pulled super tight. In many cases, a guideline is simply designed to aid in helping a tent stay put in high winds. But if you are pulling hard on a guideline, sticking that out, you are potentially compromising the performance that that tent is capable of producing in extreme weather.

So don’t pull guidelines super tight. It is designed to be there to be an aid in the design of the tent and help with throwing a thrashing. The tent around not meant to be pulled super tight mistake. 

03. Not Stacking The Tent Properly

Mistake No #3 that people make is not staking the tent out properly. A lot of times you may see that freestanding tent or a non-freestanding tent being staked out kind of weird, and it makes it so that the design of the tent isn’t set up correctly. And this goes back to even the first mistake is if you aren’t learning how to stake out the tent correctly and pitch it properly, then you’re going to either reduce the comfort of the tent and the livable space inside. Or you’re going to create a scenario where the tent might get ripped and damaged when you have different types of weather scenarios. So make sure that you are staking out the tent properly.

04. Not Pokey Things Under Your Tent

Mistake No #4 goes into campsite selection and where you choose to put your tent. Sometimes people just choosing a spot, throwing down the tent, and then they create an issue on the inside with their sleeping pad, more than anything where they do not remove pokey things out from underneath the tent. You might have a groundsheet however, stickers, thorns and sharp sticks, even rocks could poke through and cause an issue with the floor of the tent.

05. Wrong Size Groundsheet

Mistake No #5 is using the wrong size groundsheet. If you don’t have a groundsheet that is meant for your tent specifically, that was made by the company that produces the tent and you’re using as a tie that groundsheet or like poly Crow, then you need to make sure that you’ve got the groundsheet cut a little bit smaller than the footprint of the tent.

If you are bringing that out beyond the size of the tent, then what you are allowing is when it rains for water to accumulate on top of the groundsheet, but under the floor of the tent. And that can cause issues with the tent floor soaking through. And then you’ve got wet items on the inside of your tent. So you want to make sure that the groundsheet is a little bit smaller than the footprint of your tents, that you don’t have that kind of issue happening. 

Now, a bonus mistake that applies to any kind of person that is going out into the backcountry, whether you are a ground dweller or a hammock camper is you have to look up. Once you have decided on a campsite, you need to look around and make sure that there are not any kind of widow makers that are going to break in high wind or rain or snow in the middle of the night and come and crash down, crush your head in the middle of the night in your tent or your hammock. So always look up, make sure that you’re not going to be putting yourself in danger with a Widowmaker pay attention to those kinds of things. 


Can we take the tents on an airplane?

Yes, you can carry. It will fit in the overhead and/or under-seat compartment.

Which one is the best 4 person tent for a family ?

A two-rooms tent will be the best choice for you to keep privacy and to maintain comfort. Our Coleman instant cabin 4 person tent is the best among the others.

Which one is the best 4 person tent under $200?

We have carefully chosen all the best tents under 200$. In our list, only one tenet is above 100$ but the rest of them are below 100$.


Camping with friends or family is really enjoyable. In fact, we try to make it more delightful and sometimes entertaining. The tent will be a major part of your camping enjoyment. Actually, it plays a vital role in camping at night. Therefore, which product you are going to buy yourself should be careful of that. And we hope that this best camping tents for 4 person article will help you a lot.

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