21 Expert Camping Tips for Beginners

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Camping Tips for Beginners

Preparation for camping is a bit different from the usual tours. You have to take different camping stuff here, as well as the different things you need. I pack a lot of things, if I go somewhere, which are very necessary or less necessary. In most cases, you don’t need to carry heavy bags by yourself as there is an opportunity to go directly to the place of travel. Camping tips for beginners is an easy guide to follow.

If the campsite is in an inaccessible area, carry a heavy bag on your shoulder and walk for miles and miles with all the unnecessary stuff. Or carry something with you which has multiple uses. Let’s look at some of the things that you have to take with you when you go camping.


Tents are one of the most important accessories for camping. There are various types of tents available on the market, small and large. Choose a waterproof, durable, lightweight and easy to carry the tent. Whether you buy a tiny or a big tent depends on your needs and preferences. Read more about our best camping tents for 4 persons.

How to choose the best Tent?


You can take rechargeable lights of your choice to keep the inside of your tent illuminated. There are many different types of lights available in the market today.


You can take a backpack capable of carrying the required size and weight based on your height and carrying capacity for the convenience of carrying your essentials.

Sleeping Bags/Mats

There are different types and quality sleeping bags available in the market. It works great for a relaxing night at camping. Take anyone at your convenience.


Take at least two sets of extra clothes to go camping. If there is a risk of getting wet in the rain or any other reason, wrap the cloth in polythene.

Keep a poly-bag with you to carry wet clothes, indigestible dirt, etc. to camping.


Choose shoes that have a good grip. If you want, you can also keep light slippers with you for comfortable walking in the camp. Pearson or Pegasus rubber shoes are very useful for grip.

Dress Selection

Wear light and comfortable clothing. In this case, loose pants, a T-shirt or fatwa are the best combinations. And if you feel comfortable wearing any other outfit, take it with you.


USB fan so you can charge it if there are no electric & tarps to put over tents in case of rain

Cooking Essentials

Dutch oven, tongs and fireproof gloves Very useful for the fire and moving charcoals when cooking.


If you want to eat bar-b-que or cooked at night, pack everything you need for cooking. And of course, keep some with dry food. It is best to keep foods that give you energy quickly (chocolate, peanut bar). Chira-molasses, instant coffee packets and other such foods are also very useful for camping.

Keep meals simple and prepare what you can ahead of time.


You can also have a small size refrigerator or ice bucket along with you. It really comes out handy when it’s summer and it’s burning hot countryside. You don’t have to worry about chilled water and ice. 

Water Bottles

You can take a bottle of water depending on transportation and your needs. Leaving at least two refillable water bottles on either side of the bag will not hurt at all. And when the water runs out, fill it again as soon as you get the chance.

You should always take drinkable water with you while going out for camping. You can either use a large water tank or two medium-sized water bottles depending on your transportation medium. Taking two water bottles on the side of the backpack wouldn’t trouble much. And keep in mind to refill the water bottle whenever you get the chance.

You can use high quality filtered water bottles available at the supermarket/amazon in which you’ll have the chance to drink cold water. If you got a swiss army knife don’t forget to put it in the backpack. You don’t know what you have to face!  

Frozen water bottles for cooler and then drink it if needed. I use dry ice for my food cooler, drinks go in another.

I always bring my Swiss Army knife, bear spray and glow sticks for the dog and kids! Have fun!

Power Banks

A power bank with you to charge your camping smartphone, camera, smartwatch or any other electronic device. The power bank will do a lot to keep your device active in times of crisis.

If you have power take a power strip because everyone will want to charge their phone.

Nowadays Power bank is a life-saving gadget. Try to take a power bank with you to charge your electric devices especially mobile phones and smartwatches. The power bank will help you a lot in times of crisis and will make sure you’re always connected with your nearest persons and family to share your joy instantly. 


Although the camera flashlight of our smartphone can be used as a torch. However, if you keep a small torch with you during camping, you will get great benefits.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are very important and useful things. However, this thing does not need to be kept separate for everyone. Collectively, but make sure you have everything you need.

Always have a first aid kit! Flashlights and baby wipes. We tend to overpack but plenty of blankets. Dog shoes Incase sand or pavement is hot on pups’ paws! A few totes to pack food away to keep rodents and bugs out of. Extra toilet paper and paper towels.

Water shoes are a good thing to bring In case the river or lake is rocky you are prepared and can still enjoy the water. A canopy for shade in case pups or yourself can’t find shade! An outdoor rug decent size for placing shoes and preventing tons of dirt going into the tent.

Going on camping and having a First aid kit with you is a smart move without any doubt. First aid kits are very convenient things that don’t need to be kept individual for everyone rather collectively. Make sure you have everything you might need.


There is no comparison to the hammock for relaxing and swinging anywhere you like. Take with you a light, easily folded hammock.


If possible take your favorite pillow with you. Nothing is worse than having a bad night’s sleep and wake up in a bad mood. So, take a pillow!


Comfortable bed, I don’t like air mattresses because they squeak and bounce the other person every time.

You should have a bed for the night to sleep. Mattresses are not a good choice because of their squeakiness and bounce the other person every time you move. You can use a cot which is off the floor and you’ll have room to store your clothes underneath.

I like a cot, I’m off the floor and have room to store my clothes underneath.


Bug spray, ant spray, I use an old coffee container with a double grocery bag and a scoop of kitty litter for the middle of the night emergencies.

For pests and bugs you can use pest control cream or bug spray otherwise it’s hard to have a sound sleep and a bit of danger. So try to have one.


Having a canopy to put over the table is a good idea which helps in the heat. You can use Christmas lights to decorate your table with a string that will allow you some extra lights in the dark. Additionally, a fire starter would be a great help to get the fire going. 


Never forget to bring leads for the dogs. Set them between trees then connect each dog to one and connect those to the one between trees if you have more than one dog you can follow this guide. This gives them room to run. Just make sure the leads aren’t long enough to let them into adjacent sites or roads. You can also bring a small leaf blower to clear out debris and dirt from my area and also to clean rugs or mats off super fast. You can also use it to dry your dogs after a duo in the lake. Try to make most of your food ahead of time or make it easy to transport. You can premake spaghetti sauce and premake taco meat which you can use for tacos and nachos and omelets. You can also scramble eggs, buy precooked bacon that can microwave and always make a big pasta salad that is a great filler for multiple meals or snacks. One of the most important camping tips for beginners.

Other camping items include towels, personal medicine, matchboxes, mosquito repellent creams, food saline, toothpaste, brushes, tissue paper, Swiss Army Knives, knives, ropes, and more. Keep an eye on the weight of the bag when choosing everything you need. And if you have the opportunity to drive directly to your campsite, you can pack your bags independently. Make a list of everything you need and pack it accordingly. This will reduce the risk of missing anything. Hope these details guide about camping tips for beginners will make your journey more reliable and easier.

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