How to Choose the Right Travel Bags

by Isabelle Remi
How to Choose the Right Travel Bags

These tips will help you find the best travel bag for your needs.

“How To Choose The Right Travel Bags”: Enjoy a great vacation without worrying about carrying around heavy luggage. Discover what makes a good travel bag and learn which ones offer the most value for money.

 Check out our tips for choosing the right travel bag!

You’ve been dreaming of traveling around the world for years now. But when you finally decide to go, you realize that packing is going to be the number one challenge.

And let’s face it – it doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, you still want to look like a boss. And carrying all those suitcases, backpacks and duffels is definitely not going to make you feel like a boss!

So here we’ll give you tips on choosing the best luggage to carry wherever you’re going.

1. Choose the Right Size Luggage

It may seem counterintuitive, but the smaller the suitcase, the easier it is to pack everything inside and still find room for souvenirs. For short trips, a 15-20 liters case will usually fit all the essentials plus some extra space for souvenirs.

For longer trips, try to stick to 25-50 liters cases. They’re much easier to maneuver, especially if you’re planning to hire a car or scooter when you arrive to your destination.

2. Consider the Weight

Don’t worry too much about weight; however, if you plan on hiring a vehicle or taking public transportation, you probably don’t want to overpack or overload your luggage. Try to avoid anything heavier than 20 kilograms. Anything heavier than that tends to slow you down and makes loading/unloading difficult.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean lugging around heavy suitcases every day. There are plenty of light-weight options available. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect backpack for your trip.

1. Consider What Type of Travel Do You Need

Do you need something big and bulky to carry all your stuff? Or do you just need something small to fit under your seat during your flight? Are you planning to go on a roadtrip or a vacation? Whatever type of traveling you’re doing, you’ll probably need a variety of different sizes and shapes of luggage. So before buying anything, think about what kind of travel you’re going to be doing so you can buy the right bag for the job.

2. Think About How Much Space You Will Use

This may seem obvious but it bears repeating – you shouldn’t buy too much luggage if you only plan on taking along a couple items. For instance, if you’re flying overseas and renting a car, you won’t need anything bigger than a regular suitcase. But if you’re heading out of town for a weekend hike or camping trip, you might want a backpacking duffel.

3. Find Out How Many Pockets You Have

Most travelers prefer bags with multiple compartments. They tend to be easier to pack and organize than single-compartment models. However, if you plan on carrying lots of things with you, you might want to look at a model with fewer pockets. And remember, larger does not necessarily mean heavier; many smaller models weigh considerably less than their larger counterparts.

4. Look At Different Brands

You’ll notice that many travel brands make both small and large versions of their products. Don’t let brand name intimidate you! Just because a company makes a certain style of bag doesn’t mean that it’s bad quality. In fact, it’s quite possible that the bag you like best is made by a lesser known brand.

5. Check Pricing

Bags aren’t usually expensive. But since we’re talking about luggage here, you might want to shop around. Sometimes, cheaper models cost less due to discounts offered to frequent buyers. Also, when shopping for luggage, make sure you compare prices across several websites. Shopping at one place might result in receiving a deal but another site might offer the same item at a higher price.

How to get ready for the journey

Check What You Need to Bring

Depending on the length of your trip, you may be able to buy almost everything you need before arriving at your destination. However, if you plan on visiting several cities during your trip, it’s worth buying things like sunscreen, insect repellent, toiletries and medicines locally.

Of course, there are certain items you absolutely must bring along, like your passport, money belt and medications. Also remember to pack clothing appropriate for the weather conditions in your area.

Pack Lightly

Doing so will make unpacking a lot easier later on. Remember, you only need to unload your bag once and you won’t be doing that every day. So make sure you’ve packed light and made sure everything fits easily into your suitcase.

A small backpack is perfect for a shorter trip, while a large suitcase is suitable for a longer stay.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential for anyone setting out on a trip abroad. Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, having adequate coverage ensures that you don’t end up stranded somewhere without access to medical facilities.

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