How to Pick a Travel Trailer Door Lock

by Isabelle Remi
how to pick a travel trailer door lock

A good way to choose a lock for a travel trailer door is to look at the type of lock you need. If you only want to secure one side of the door, then an outside slider or inside latch may be enough. But if you want to keep both sides locked up, then you’ll probably want a deadbolt or even a double cylinder deadlock.

There are two types of locks on travel trailers: deadbolt locks and lever locks. Deadbolts require you to turn them with one hand while holding the knob with your other hand. Lever locks require you to pull or push the handle down for locking and up for unlocking.

Many travelers enjoy camping when they go on vacation, but they also like to bring along some of their favorite things. They may bring along a laptop, tablet or smartphone, clothing and bedding, kitchen supplies, and so much more.

When traveling, though, it’s easy to forget something vital, like a key or a spare set of car keys. When you arrive at your campsite, you can easily find yourself locked out. Or worse yet, you can lose valuable items.

Traveling with a Travel Trailer Door Lock is a smart idea. Not only does it make getting back inside your RV easier, it ensures that your valuables stay safe and secure. Here’s how to choose a Travel Trailer Door Lock:

1. Know What Features You Need

First, decide exactly what features you need in a Travel Trailer Door Lock. Do you want a simple lock that requires just a key to unlock it? Or are you willing to spend extra money for a high-security lock that requires a code to open it?

2. Research Different Options

Once you’ve decided what type of lock you need, look at different brands and styles before making a purchase decision. Many locks come with additional accessories, including deadbolts, chain kits, and padlocks. So, before you buy, make sure you understand all of the options available.

3. Shop Around

Don’t rush into buying a lock right away. Instead, shop around and compare prices. You might find that you get a better deal by shopping online rather than going to a store.

4. Check the Warranty

Before you buy, make sure that you read the warranty information. There are many different warranties available, ranging from a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee to a one-year warranty. Be aware that extended warranties aren’t always worth the cost.

5. Decide How Much Protection You Want

Finally, consider how much protection you really need. If you plan to leave your RV unattended for several months, you probably won’t need a very expensive lock. On the other hand, if you plan to leave your trailer parked outside during the day and walk away for hours at a time, you’ll likely benefit from a higher quality to pick a travel trailer door lock

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