20 Best Travel Apps Australia

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Travel Apps Australia

Planning to travel to Australia! It’s really convenient when you travel with useful apps. App Australia is greatly helpful to roam around this country. Travel apps Australia not only will help you but also a good friend in your mobile during your travel time. 

Are you hungry? Get relaxed with the food app. Feeling lazy to book a movie ticket or hotel booking on go? Let your finger just tap to the app Australia to choose your desired option. So use those travel apps Australia to ensure the maximum excitement of traveling.

Here, there is a list of apps that are going to help you while traveling to Australia.

1.Tinder Australia (Meet with Locals)

A lot of apps available to chat or meet up. Tinder is one of the most popular numbers that Australian use to meet the locals. This app benefits much. One can easily socialize with this app. Easy to use, comfortable to meet new people. Feeling boring! Just click and meet locals and make a great conversation in a cozy coffee shop. 

2. Campermate

Traveling Australia? Don’t forget to download this app. This app is mostly needed if you are in Australia since it will help with booking your accommodation, renting campervans and RVs.Visiting a new place causes so many problems with your accommodation. Travel app Australia also includes this amazing app to ease your travel obstacles.

3. Waze (GPS, Maps, Traffic alert)

Traveling with Waze is exciting. Waze is fun because it will let you know what’s happening on the road. Visiting Australia is not easy if you don’t have a proper idea about neighborhood road and mapping. This mesmerizing app tells about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real-time. Drive with the android Waze app and feel the real fun of traveling. You can also see where the traffic issue is occurring and getting delayed. Use it , and travel more with app Australia.

4. TripCase

Traveling is interesting when you’re well organized. Are you struggling with your numerous plans? Oh well! Get ready to be relaxed with Tripcase. 

Organize your travel plans in one streamlined itinerary. Manage flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and rental car reservations in one app in TripCase. Just download it to get the cool feature of it. An interesting thing is that this app will let you see flight information and you will get notifications of any changes of that flight. When you have a booking on the flight you also can see your seat on the flight and see what’s available with real-time seat maps!

5. Transport Booking apps: 

Traveling with apps Australia is a smart solution. Don’t get worried. Getting your comfortable transport is easier than ever.

6. Uber :

Traveling with good transport brings an amazing travel experience. Uber is concerned with your safety as well. This app will help you to choose your car, destination and it’s very cool to use. You just download this budget-friendly app and visit your destination with a smart solution.

7. Ola cabs Australia:

You’re traveling with a group of people? Do you need a large cab? Ola is a wondrous app to travel. For a comfortable ride, use Ola! Just relax and let your driver take you where you want to go. Booking is easiest job with Ola. Book your taxi to go to your destination.

8. Lime-Your Ride Anytime

When you’re willing to ride with scooters or bikes then the Lime app is best to choose. Thus you also can roam around Sydney or Melbourne. This app is too comfy to use. Just tap your closest ride, scan the code to unlock it and go with Lime. 

9. Opal App:

If you need public transport, the opal app is a must have in your mobile phone. This helped me SO much. You just put in your destination & it tells you when/where/how much your transportation costs. Also tracks how much money you have on your card as well additionally, you can top off on the app. You can get an opal card from any convenience store.

10. Hopper 

When you are on a tour every second is precious. Want to book a hotel or flight? Just use Hopper. You don’t go to the spot, click with Hopper and feel the chill. In your adventurous trip in Australia travel with app Australia with Hopper to ease your flight,hotel selection or booking by simply clicking on it.

Food Delivery Apps Australia

11. Menulog:

Food is love. Travel more and taste the spice of life with exciting apps Australia. Menulog is one of the sizzling apps to order food . You can get more than 14,300 restaurants across Australia to order your desired food. You will find numerous cuisines in it to taste the best food available in Australia. Don’t get hungry just download Menulog and feed your tummy with the best taste on your tounge.

  12. Uber Eats: 

Uber Eats is also a great app to order food online and get home delivery. They offer  hundreds of restaurants to choose your favorite foods and deliver it in no time. Uber Eats is very handy and easy to use. You can even track your delivery person when to arrive. In the time of appetite Uber Eats is a must have app during your travel in Australia. 

Camping app australia

13. WikiCamps Australia

Australia is the best place for camping for travelers. There are lots of points to travel for camping. Wikicamps is one of the useful apps that you must download on the purpose of camping. This will help you by giving a lots information, creating a trip with a map and it will also assist you when you are offline as well. 

Curerncy Converter

14. OFX:

This simple app is going to help you with converting the currency. This is one of the fastest apps for the currency converter. Don’t get worried just use OFX.


One of the best apps for hotel booking. Offers the best rates as well as have lots of discount on many hotels. Easier and most reliable app for booking your desire hotels in Australia trips. You can search by city, attractions or even use map location to choose your best one!

16.. Tours and Activity booking:

Viator is a well known travel forum tripadvisor company. DOn’t need to worry about your booking your activity! Viator have all knids of activity such as cycling, spa, ….

17. Trip View

Trip View – shows the timetables of all ferries buses trains and the changes you need to make to get across the city. You can have the whole summary including possible next departure, stops and break of your trip by using trip view app. It’s very useful while touring in Australia. Don’t forget to have it on your device and track your progress in real time. It’s fun to know where you are going and where you are now. 

Budget Tracker & Planner 

18. Mint app Australia

Mint is a wonderful resource to manage your finance. It’s like a bank for you. They will manage everything for you. You can manage your spending limit using their “budget planner option” and also can use the “budget alert” option to get an instant notification. Use their most attractive and useful option called “Budget” to create your budget on your trip so that you can easily stick to your budget and also be able to know your expenses. 

Movie Ticket Booking App

19. Choovie

Want to watch a movie in a big theatre? Don’t need to worry about this, Choovie app is waiting for you. Just open an account and fill up your favorite movie title along with location name and you’ll find theatre details. They are offering discounts so that you can easily watch more movies playing less. You can’t choose your seat, it’ll be done automatically. You can’t be able to make any refund after paying, make sure about purchasing a ticket. 

20.  Restaurant Booking app (OPEN TABLE)

You can easily find your favorite restaurant and book your seat using the OpenTable app. It’s been operating in Australia since 2017. If you are still confused you can check the “restaurant near me option” to find the best one. They have the best 50 restaurant lists across Australia you can also choose from there. 

Some of these apps you can not download the apps till you get to Australia and the phone has been changed over to Australian Time zone and you have set your phone to Australia in the sittings as well.

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